by Rick Johnson, MSW

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Worried & confused about why your teen is acting the way they are?
An Upward Spiral can help you
understand your teen.
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Do you ever cave into peer pressure even when you don't want to?
An Upward Spiral explains why & how
to stop by choosing to be your own person.
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Can a developmental understanding help you work better with teens?
An Upward Spiral can show you how
to approach treatment & application
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The Author


Rick Johnson is a clinical social worker with over thirty years experience working with teens and their parents. He has a Masters in Clinical Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy from Trinity College in Deerfield, Illinois. He has been a child and adolescent therapist, a psychiatric social worker, and the chief administrator for a number of psychiatric hospitals and residential based treatment programs in Illinois, New Mexico and Montana. Most recently Rick and his wife Jan cofounded Summit Preparatory School, a therapeutic boarding school for teens in Kalispell, Montana.
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"It’s a wonderful manual for parents of teens! I liked each chapter and the emphasis on the importance of self-soothing, the path to individuation, and becoming resilient – a key strength often lacking in our youth."
C. Claire Law, M.S., Educational Consultant Co-Author of Find The Perfect College for You

"An Upward Spiral is a magnificent tool in redirecting a teenager or budding young adult into self-awareness and healthy development. It is also a key tool for us as parents, giving us a deeper look into what we can learn about our own stages of development."
Denise Dryden Integrational Coach working with parents
"Parents of adolescents, or soon-to-be-adolescents, read An Upward Spiral, then reread it and reread it! You’ll find practical help. You’ll better understand your child. You’ll learn about yourself. You’ll laugh. And you’ll find hope for your weary hearts!"
Anita K. Palmer, San Diego Parent

"Rick Johnson has developed an innovative and thoroughly attainable approach for parents of teenagers. By normalizing teenage struggles as one of the stages of development parents learn that challenges are a means to a positive end."
James Meyer M.A. Founder Meyer Education and Family Services
"An Upward Spiral tackles the serious subject of adolescent development. Written in an appealing format mixing personal vignettes and humorous drawings, the insight about how teens develop relationships, view their parents, and learn resilience is on target!"
Russell Hyken, Ph.D., Ed.Sp., M.A. Psychotherapist and Educational Diagnostician Author of The Parent Playbook

"An Upward Spiral presents a developmental model for understanding troubled youth and includes critical guidance for parents. Rick sheds a clear light on the complicated processes within families through straightforward writing that parents will find an easy read."
Nick Hong, Ph.D. Psychologist and Psychotherapist
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