Quarterly Billing$28,425
Tuition per month$9,475
  • Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
  • College preparatory academic curriculum and support services grades 9-12
  • Clinical services (individual, group and family therapy)
  • Emotional growth residential program
  • Room and board
  • Basic Medical Services
Enrollment Fee (nonrefundable)$8,550
  • Intro Parent Workshop and Family Experiential Retreat
  • Individual personal computer ($1,050) for classroom use. Yours to keep!
  • Team sports, recreational activities and field trips
  • Challenge trips
  • Transportation for emergencies & routine medical/dental appointments
    Specialized requests for on-going transport needs not included
  • Transportation to the airport during business hours (8 am to 5 pm - 7 days a week)
  • Submission of therapy sessions to insurance for possible reimbursement
Student Expense Account: (to be replenished as needed)$500
  • Student allowance
  • Purchase of necessary items (challenge trip equipment, personal items, etc.)
Credit Card Processing Fees:2.5%
  • Tuition charges and other non-tuition payments

Supplemental Fees

  • Psychiatric Services by Victor Houser, MD: Costs as incurred
    • Billed to insurance and then to family.
  • Psycho-educational Testing: Costs as incurred
    • If deemed necessary and parental consent is obtained.
  • Quest Interventions: Costs as incurred
    • If deemed necessary and parental consent is obtained. See enrollment agreement for a full description of this intervention.
  • Pathways Treatment Center: Costs as incurred
    • If deemed necessary and parental consent is obtained. See enrollment agreement for a full description of this intervention.

Payment Schedule

Tuition is billed in advance by three-month blocks. Due dates are January 31st, April 30th, July 31st and October 31st . Individualized payment arrangements need to be approved by Summit Preparatory Business Manager (Financial Office).
  • Payments are considered delinquent if not received by the due date.
  • Late charges will be incurred at the periodic rate of 1.5% per month or at an annual rate of 18% APR.
  • Seriously delinquent payments may result in the discharge of a student.
  • No certificates of academic credit, diplomas or transcripts will be issued to any student with any unpaid or delinquent debt or obligation owed to Summit Preparatory School.
  • There will be no tuition refund for an unfinished academic block (a three month period of time).

Payment Options

Summit Prep School is dedicated to make the cost of our therapeutic boarding school services manageable for families. With that in mind, we have the following payment options available:
  • Pay by the semester block (every three months)
  • Families can make credit card payments
  • Families are able to do ACH Debits from their checking/savings accounts
  • Summit Prep files insurance claims when requested by the family for students’ therapy sessions to help families recoup costs. Families in need of additional assistance can apply for limited scholarships (reduced tuition) through the FAST online application process described below.

Summit Prep School has chosen FAST - Financial Aid for School Tuition powered by Independent School Management - to process our financial aid applications. This is an online program that works in your computer’s web browser. To reach the application, click on the FAST link and follow the instructions. If you experience difficulty, you may e-mail or call 1-877-326-FAST.

DMI Logo

Several of our families have reached out for assistance through Denials Management. For over 25 years, Denials Management, Inc. has been partnering with families and providers as they navagate complex insurance procedures. Their experienced team of Healthcare Advocates offer a variety of claims support services to assist in resolving the specific insurance issues you might face.


Depending on the amount of scholarship monies available at any given time, financial aid may be provided to families that can demonstrate financial need through completion of the FAST application. Because each family’s needs are different, aid is awarded on an individual basis after an evaluation of the family’s situation. Factors considered are net income, number of dependents, and extenuating circumstances.
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