Therapeutic Philosophy

Through an eclectic and relationship-based approach, we seek to creatively support adolescents in their inherent desire to learn and grow, to develop supportive and sustaining relationships with peers and family, to identify and ameliorate obstructions to the developmental process, and to assist the formation of an adaptive and positive self-concept, promoting further growth.

We believe that the success of a student in the classroom is predicated upon effective relationships between teachers and students. By providing a challenging academic curriculum in a supportive and patient environment, students can learn new skills and responsible decision-making, understanding that making mistakes, academically and behaviorally, provides the foundation for learning and growth.

Our services address the unique characteristics of each teen, their level of development (or maturity), their academic level, their unique learning style and their social context including especially the teen’s family. Clinical syndromes (including emotional and behavioral problems) and learning deficits receive active treatment not as an end in and of itself, but as a part of the promotion of a student’s maturity and success as an individual. We recognize that healthy childhood development requires an environment where dedicated adults provide structure and guidance out of compassion, not clinical sterility.

Our treatment philosophy is based upon the premise that our students are neither “bad” nor irrevocably “broken,” but instead delayed in their development as an individual.

To these ends Summit Preparatory School provides informed, well-trained professionals to nurture the academic, vocational, social and emotional development of the whole child. Every student is valued and given an opportunity to grow to his/her greatest potential. The school provides a safe, structured environment to re-establish a healthy course of development.

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