Words From Summit Prep Parents

"Thank you a million times over."
"He is doing GREAT in school. We are SO HAPPY- I cried tears of joy for the first time in a LONG time."
"He has a wonderful foundation that he learned to build at Summit. We are and will be forever grateful for that."
"I personally think that Summit saved my son’s life. Thank you."
"I am as impressed as I could be with your staff, facility and program and I have every confidence that we have made the right decision in sending our daughter to Summit. Thank you for everything!"
"It has been a few weeks since our child was at Summit and I have been wanting to contact you for a while to express my thanks and heart-felt appreciation for all that you did at Summit It’s hard to put into words what I feel- just saying thanks doesn’t really capture just how deeply grateful I am for the way each one of you contributed. In essence, you all took on the role of mentoring, parenting, teaching, guiding and nurturing my child for 18 months, so it is no wonder that as his Mom, it is so difficult to find words to let you know just how much this has meant."
"As you know the choice to send our child to a school like Summit was a difficult decision and we spent a great deal of time wondering did we make the right choice. We always knew that where ever we sent him it would be difficult for him to accept and understand why the placement away from home was so necessary. What we now know is that we made the right choice. Again thank you for a very inspiring experience."

Words From Summit Prep Students

"Hey there Summit! I just wanted to thank all of you for helping me learn to live as an adult. Y'all helped me set boundaries for myself and make healthy relationships. Not all of my time was pleasant lol but neither is healing."
Female Alum
"Keep up the good work, you've changed so many lives, mine included. Thank you!"
Female Alum
"My name is Sarah. I graduated Summit February 2009. I have had a wonderful blessed life since. I'm attending college, have a great job, and am living a healthy productive life."
"Summit worked well for me because it took me out of the environment I struggled in, and gave me a platform to build a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle."
Male Alum
"When I think of Summit, I think of a diverse and memorable place that had significant impact on my life as a whole. Although sometimes I wish there was an easier alternative way to intervene with problems that led to my enrollment, overall I understand the decision and thankful for the experience. For me, Summit was an atmosphere in which I was surrounded by a solid support system of staff, who were able to provide me with the help that I needed-no matter the area it was in."
Female Alum
"At times it was very difficult there, and I was frustrated with my parents and myself for being sent there. But I pushed through and graduated high school from Summit with honors as a National Merit Finalist two months after my 17th birthday. During my final months at Summit, I had decided that I wanted to pursue an academic postgraduate year. I now know that it was all worth it. If I hadn’t been resilient and hadn’t been focused on my goals, my life would have been radically different. None of this could have been possible if I had stayed at the public school where I wasn’t being academically challenged, or chosen to stop walking on a hike because of a hill, or refused to fix my family relationships. Now I’d like to end on a quote that I think really exemplifies my journey so far through life: “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think that I have ended up where I needed to be.” – Douglas Adams"
Male Alum
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