Student Health

Immunization Requirements

Summit Prep requires student certifications of the following immunizations, unless an exemption for health or religious reason is obtained: Diptheria, Tetanus (Lockjaw), Poliomyelitis (Polio), Rubella (German Measles), Mumps and Measles (rubeola).

Voluntary Immunizations

Student and parents should discuss the risks and benefits of these vaccinations with their health care providers before deciding whether or not to be vaccinated (*indicates availability at Summit): *Meningococcal Disease, *Influenza (”flu”), Varicella Vaccine (Chickenpox), Pneumonia

Access to Health Services

One of the functions of the school health program is to promote students’ health through detection, early identification and timely treatment of health problems. This is done in the context of the completion of the student health information form, admission health screening process, individualized health care planning for high risk students, carefully planned referrals to qualified health care practitioners (parent approved), supervised appointments with practitioners, and timely follow through on health care practitioner recommendations and prescriptions. This includes, but is not limited to: primary medical services, dental, hearing, vision, chiropractic services and alternative health (as available).

Doctrine of Loco Parentis

In situations relating to the medical treatment of students, Summit Prep recognizes that its employees are subject to the responsibility and limitations inherent in the common law doctrine of in loco parentis. This implies that an employee act as would a reasonable and prudent parent in the same circumstances and under the same conditions. The employee does not have all of the authority that a parent would have. For example, employees do not have the authority to provide consent for the medical treatment of a student.

Admission Health Screening

An admission health screening is completed by Summit Prep for each student within 24 hours of admission. The purpose of the screening is not to make a diagnosis, nor is it meant to be as in depth as a regular physical examination performed by a physician. Rather, through the use of basic nursing skills, this exam is meant to screen for potentially significant physical and medical findings in both symptomatic and potentially asymptomatic students.

Choice of Health Practitioner

Summit Prep will have the student examined by a provider chosen by the school unless parents designate a preferred local choice. For more information on the criteria the school uses to choose a provider please refer to the parent handbook or call the school for more information.

Because Summit Prep is not a health care facility, the school cannot formally recommend or endorse any specific physicians, providers, clinics, tests, products, procedures or medical/healthcare options. While the school makes every effort to choose quality providers, the parent/guardian is responsible for this choice and Summit Prep is not liable for any advice, treatment or services rendered by these providers.

Medication Administration

Because Summit Prep is not a medical facility, assistance with medication dispersal is custodial. Therefore, students are not appropriate for admission to Summit Prep unless his or her condition and or skill level allow supervised self administration.

Summit Prep provides assistance once parental permission is given. This assistance includes transport (either by a pharmacist or an authorized staff person) of medication from a local licensed pharmacy, medication storage, and dispersal of medication to the student for supervised self administration.

In order for Summit Prep to assist in the supervised self-administration of medication, the parent/legal guardian must provide authorization.

Emergency Medical Services

All residential counselors and therapists are required to obtain Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Certification within six months of beginning employment. WFR is a 72 hour medical course in First Aid that has become the standard for back country rangers, river guides and outdoor leaders. Many staff also have advanced lifeguard certification which includes water related medical emergencies.

Note: For more information on each of these areas please refer to the Parent Handbook or contact Summit Prep School.

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