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Summit Prep is committed to enhancing the intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual and physical development of our students. We are fortunate to have outstanding fitness and recreation facilities as well as an integrated plan to give each student the opportunity to develop a healthy lifestyle.


The over 500 Acres on which the school is situated provides ample opportunity for students to hike, snow shoe, cross country ski, mountain bike, camp, play frisbee-golf or do any number of fun and vigorous outdoor activities on campus. In adition to soccer, the campus soccer field is used for many field games including lacrosse, kick ball, and frisbee. Summit Preparatory School also has convenient access to soccer and softball fields so students can participate in a number of other competitive sports with each other, or other schools of our size.

We also have a full size gym complete with climbing wall, and a four-lane, 25-meter swimming pool. Next to the gym and the pool are the locker rooms and an exercise room complete with a variety of weight machines and a selection of plate-loaded free weights. Whether activities are indoor or outdoor, Summit Preparatory School has the facilities to provide outstanding health and fitness opportunities for all of our students.


Fitness opportunities are an everyday occurrence for our students. Clubs emphasizing a high degree of activity and fitness are offered each semester. Students have a number of opportunities for rigorous physical recreation throughout their daily schedule.

Team activities are carried out several times per week. Typically these activities involve some sort of physical activity. Weekend recreation opportunities involve both on and off campus activities such as hiking, swimming, biking, soccer, rafting, climbing, skiing/snowboarding, and a variety of other diverse pursuits.

A combination of state of the art facilities, idyllic setting, and thoughtful program design make Summit Prep an outstanding place for students to develop their physical capacities and learn to live a healthy lifestyle.

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