Educational Philosophy

  • Our educational philosophy...

    is based on student-centered learning. Our faculty strives to assess the academic strengths of each student as well as areas where students need to improve. Educational goals are developed with each student to address their unique talents and interests. Teachers strive to instill positive attitudes and perceptions about learning by building strong relationships with their students and challenging them to be active participants in the learning process.

  • Together...

    teachers and students at Summit Preparatory School become lifelong learners by pursuing the challenges of learning and enjoying the intrinsic reward of academic accomplishment and success.

  • We operate...

    a year-round multiple-accredited college-preparatory alternative high school program. School is provided in a small individualized classroom setting where the average class size is 10 to 14 students. Academic subjects are organized into a twelve-week blocked curriculum with students enrolled in three academic subjects per semester (four semesters per year), and classes are divided by academic subjects (not necessarily by grade level).

  • All teachers...

    at Summit Preparatory hold current teaching certificates from the Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) in the subject areas they teach. This is one of the requirements of accreditation by the Montana Board of Public Education.

  • Parents...

    have access to weekly progress reports via an online parent portal to keep them informed on their child’s struggles and successes within each of their current classes. These reports include the student’s current grade and a small narrative about the student’s performance in the class.

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