Differentiated Instruction

There are a number of different learning styles and strategies, and we strive to meet different needs in our student body.

If a student with an active IEP (Individual Education Plan); a 504 Plan; or any formal documentation of learning challenges; enrolls at SPS; we incorporate the recommended goals; objectives and accommodations called for in the IEP or 504 Plan.

Some students enroll with documentation from evaluations that indicate symptoms of, or tendencies toward, various conditions that challenge students in a variety of conditions; such as ADD or AD/HD; lower processing speed; impaired working memory; and various aspects of executive functioning (initiation; organizational issues; time-management. In these situations, we implement any number of accommodations to enhance the student’s ability to succeed.

Among the most frequent interventions we employ with a student needing some assistance are:

  • Weekly visits with the Learning Resource teacher
  • Being assigned to the Learning Lab for study hall
  • Extended time frames for larger/more complex projects
  • Extended time for taking tests
  • Accessibility to the Learning Lab to take tests/quizzes
  • Modified test-taking procedures; (i.e. different test formats - test readers; oral testing; use of notecards; reduced number/type of questions)
  • Instruction encouragement in use of planners; binders; folders for increased organization

Our desire is to meet every student, where they are, and help them move forward toward placement back in their High School at home, graduation and going to college, or whatever “next-step” they, and their family choose.

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