Denise Dryden

Parent Coaching

The journey that students travel while at Summit Prep
is not a solo journey but rather a family trek of growth & healing.

To help support our families while their teen is in our community, Summit Prep has partnered with Denise Dryden, certified Parent Coach. Parent coaching provides a platform for parents to explore different skills and tools that are helpful.

Within the first few weeks of placement Summit Prep families connect with Denise to begin their coaching time together. The first four sessions are provided free of charge. Many parents will continue their conversations with Denise with additional private pay sessions. Over the years we have had very positive comments regarding parents working with Denise.

While at Summit Prep your teen will be communicating with several helping professionals who will support and guide your teen during their stay. We want to provide a similar opportunity for you to feel supported and have an avenue to explore your personal growth as you work to review and explore your parent communication skills.

During coaching you will have the opportunity to:

  • Identify skills and tools your teen is learning at Stage 1 and 2;
  • Develop your own skills and tools, customized for your family;
  • Plan strategies for therapy calls, visits, passes, and trips home with your teen;
  • Use hands-on, experiential exercises to learn new tools;
  • Explore different perspectives to understand your teen and your own parenting style;
  • Discover the relationships between anxiety, learning challenges, attention issues, executive functioning, isolation, and explosive behaviors.

Denise brings years of experience guiding admissions for young adult programs, therapeutic boarding schools and a psychiatric assessment hospital. With formal education as a historian and educator, she was a co-founder of an alternative magnet school for grades K-8. In addition, she ran marketing for a family tech company and an executive sales trainer. Denise is a Certified Coach through International Coach Federation and Next Steps for Success. More importantly, she’s a conscious mother of three, coaching those who parent with deep compassion.

A Place to Unwind

Supportive Essays
by Denise.

Welcome to coaching. A coaching relationship offers a unique opportunity for support, growth and change. Denise is an integrational coach, with a focus on building skills for the possibilities of change. These essays will show aspects of the coaching services she provides so you will know what to expect.

Coaching Videos

With Denise

Denise has prepared a collection of helpful short videos.
They cover a variety of topics and are available free of charge.
Click below for a sample of some of the topics she covers.
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