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Three SPS Students Shine in Local Art Exhibit

Summit Prep art teacher Adam Shilling is proud to announce that 3 students, Owen, Jessica, & Robert, have pieces included in the New Artists 2017 High School Students Art Exhibition showing at the Hockaday Museum in Kalispell from March 9-April 22. This annual exhibition showcases the artistic accomplishments of students attending high schools in the Flathead Valley. The talent of these young and upcoming artists is exemplified by the paintings, drawings, sculptures, jewelry & mixed media pieces provided by each school.

New Academic Policy at Summit Prep

Summit Prep students now have a way to enhance their transcript during there stay on campus. Effective Spring 2017, any student interested in repeating a course has the option of replacing a previous grade with an improved grade. Students who repeat a course and earn a passing grade will have the initial grade and credit removed from their transcript and the previous grade will not be used in computing GPA. Students are eligible to elect grade replacement if:

  • Student is attempting to replace the grade for a course in which they received a grade of D+, D, D-, or F on the first attempt;
  • Student is attempting to replace the grade for a course in which they received a grade higher than a D with prior approval from the Academic Dean and/or Superintendent;
  • Course retaken is the exact same course being replaced (if course title differs from that of original course then prior approval from the Academic Dean and/or Superintendent is required)
For more information please contact: Shelley Eberhardy, Academic Dean 1-406-758-8175

Team Neon Lets The Dogs Out

Recently the members of Summit Prep's Team Neon had the opportunity to volunteer at an area dog sled event. It was a great way for the girls to engage in community service while having a grand time! Neon Therapist Amye described the day:

"Four am came rather quickly but Neon did an excellent job gathering their belongings and piling back into the Suburban for the three hour ride to Olney, MT. They arrived half asleep, but were ready to jump in with helping hands at the First Annual Flathead Classic Sled Dog Race. Neon began the day by putting up fencing at the start/finish line for the distance race with one student eagerly stepping up to help keep time. While some of the students stayed to see off all 12 of the long distance teams the other members assisted in finishing set up at the short course. Several students stood at various places on the course to help guide both the sprint dog sled teams and skijorers (people being pulled by dogs on ski's) safely through the course. One of our students got the chance at her 15 minutes of fame when she was interviewed by a local Fox News reporter, though an adorable 6-year-old junior racer ended up edging her out for the spot in the 5 o'clock news report. Around noon the team retired back to the vehicle and headed back to campus to shower and get ready for their closing dinner. As a special treat, Neon went to McKenzie River Pizza in Whitefish where they encountered their biggest challenge yet; what toppings to put on their pizzas! With full bellies the team returned to campus and prepared for their last day of volunteering and giving back to the community.

The team woke up to four inches of silky powder and giant flakes of soft snow falling from the sky. They arrived in Olney at 9:30 am and jumped right back in to their roles from the following day. Some students were involved in timing the races, while others help with logistics. One of the Neon students was a natural at helping the dogs get started. When the sprint races were finished the team spent some time thawing out while they awaited the arrival of the long race sled teams. At 3pm Neon began helping with clean up and were back on campus about an hour later. A good time was had by all!"

Check Out These Cool Clubs

Keeping active is an important goal at Summit Prep. After school and weekend clubs is one of the ways that we meet this goal. Every block our students select from a diverse array of fun clubs for their enjoyment. This block is no different. Our residential staff has again created a listing of fun and exciting activities for all.

The different activities are listed on our yearly calendar.
To see the clubs in our current Spring Block CLICK HERE

Summit Prep Attracts Great Residential Counselors

SPS student, Riley, talks with an RC.

The staff at Summit truly love their jobs, and they keep coming back day after day because they simply can't help themselves. I was tasked with the job of interviewing one of the newer members of the team here, Katie. We talked all about what brought her to Summit, where she's been, and where she would like to go, and of course, what it's like here and now.

Here's what I learned about Katie:

Katie grew up right here in the Flathead, and in high school, she decided she wanted to study Psychology. One day at her school, a guest lecturer came in, Mick Stemborski, and talked all about the profession. Today, Mick serves as our recovery specialist here at Summit. From that point forward, Katie couldn't get enough. She attained a degree in psychology at the University of Montana in Missoula; and spent a semester in Australia, which helped her to develop an appreciation for the diversity of the entire world. She decided to return to The Flathead Valley, she landed a job working for Summit Prep as a substitute-staff last summer.

A few months ago, she transitioned into a full time role as an RC on Girls Team Neon. Katie was greeted with a warm welcome from both the team and her co-workers, Jessie (the team's other RC) and Amy (the team's therapist). Katie said the environment was very open and welcoming. She really began strengthening the relationship with the girls on her team over the last few months. Katie talked about how she and each girl on the team have established a healthy and trusting rapport. They slowly, but surely have built strong and trusting relationships, as is characteristic of each RC at Summit and their teams.

Katie talked a lot of the kind of unique working environment she expects every day from Summit. She particularly enjoys being outdoors and active at work. Many days are spent active; hiking, skiing and sledding, Katie gets to use outdoor activities to strengthen the relationship with her team every day.

Katie typically finishes her notes and heads back home around 10 or 11 pm. After a long day's work, Katie loves playing with her tiny dog, Olive, going on walks and painting. She loves being an RC at Summit Prep and has no intention of stopping any time soon!

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