Andrew Tromey

  • Clinical Therapist

    MA Transpersonal Counseling Psychology Wilderness Therapy Naropa University

    “Why not get out there and live it?” - Aamon McNeely

  • Phone:

    (406) 758-8100
  • Where did you grow up?

    I’m an Army brat so I grew up moving around a lot, but I went to high school in Charlottesville, Virginia, so that’s what I claim as my home town.

  • Tell us about your family.

    My parents have been happily married for over 40 years and are enjoying retirement in Charlottesville, Virginia. They enjoy taking trips to Europe and have been enjoying their newer role as grandparents for the past few years. My brother and his wife live in Boulder, Colorado and are kept busy by their two pet monkeys – whoops, I mean my beautiful niece and nephew. My sister lives in Charlottesville, Virginia and enjoys running and practicing Tae Kwon Do in which she recently received her black belt!

  • Share something about yourself that might surprise people.

    I once spent 8 days living 200 feet up in a redwood tree.

  • Briefly describe your work experience.

    I’ve been working with teens and young adults in various capacities for 8 years now. I’ve worked at 2 different wilderness therapy programs, a sober living house, taught outdoor education; I’ve been a snowboard instructor, a ropes course facilitator, and a camp counselor. I love working with teens and incorporating the natural world in my work whenever possible.

  • If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be?

    I’d like to go to Thailand. There’s supposed to be great rock climbing right on the beach, amazing food, unique architecture, and a rich culture.

  • What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

    When I’m not working I like to go play in the mountains – I enjoy mountain biking, snowboarding, kayaking, climbing, or just exploring. I also enjoy playing board games, cooking, traveling, and playing music.

  • What draws you most to this type of work?

    The people – the chance to have meaningful relationships and conversations with teens as they’re navigating their way through life is a true honor that I get to experience while working.

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