Admission Criteria

A Good Fit
For Our Setting

  • High school student age 14-17
  • Difficulties with academics due to emotional, motivational or learning issues.
  • Possible or diagnosed mood, anxiety, trauma, spectrum, ADHD and/or learning disorder.
  • Bright-average to gifted intelligence
  • Interest in completing a regular high school diploma and thinking towards college
  • Problematic family functioning issues
  • Mild to moderate substance abuse
  • A history of school success at some point
  • 18 year old, willing to commit to program
  • Satisfactorily completed a therapeutic wilderness or inpatient treatment (if needed)
  • Some beginnings of insight that personal improvement is possible
  • A history of at least one meaningful, connected relationship with an adult
  • Had a recent psycho-educational assessment
  • Parents/guardians open and willing to participate meaningfully in their child’s and family’s treatment through program completion (average length 15 months)

Cautiously Considered

  • 18 year old, unsure of program commitment
  • Persistent and recent self-injurious behavior
  • Eating disorders requiring ongoing medical attention
  • Moderate to severe issues with substances
  • Learning disabilities more severe
  • A history of multiple suicide attempts
  • Medical issues requiring alteration of programmatic elements
  • Explosive temper/anger management issues
  • A history of running away from home, school or treatment settings
  • Physical intimidation or bullying of others
  • Law enforcement /court involvement
  • A history of making false allegations of abuse
  • Difficulties primarily associated with a major neurological issue (e.g., Traumatic Brain Injury, uncontrolled epilepsy)
  • Parents/guardians struggle to collaborate with one another in parenting their child

Not Appropriate
For Our Setting

  • Student near/at age 18 not likely to remain through therapeutic program completion
  • Physical violence, intimidation or predatory behaviors against others
  • Law enforcement/court mandate for treatment due to aggressive actions
  • Drug/alcohol dependence is primary issue
  • Student needing more intensive or locked facility due to safety concerns
  • Psychosis or conduct disorder diagnosis
  • Parents/guardians not committed to full participation in the treatment program for their child and/or family
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