2018 Thailand

“Everyone is great, arrived tired but excited. Group got thai food and thai massage to help the blood circulation after a long flight. Of course, everyone got to shop a little at the street markets. By 8 pm, the group was loosing steam and retired for the night. Tommorow we will be exploring temples and learning about buddhist culture.”
"We traded the fast paced energy of Bangkok for a relaxed beachy vibe, and the group has fully embraced it. We spent the last three nights staying in Krabi. This central location was a great starting point for each day of adventure. One day we took a longboat ride and stopped at three different islands. One of the islands had a cave the kids enjoyed exploring, others had great snorkeling. That evening we explored local markets around our hotel for dinner and shopping. The next day we went to the Emerald Pools for a crystal clear soak. This was a more touristy spot so as it filled up we left for an amazing waterfall hot springs. The pools at the top were the hottest and as you made your way down into the lower pools they got more and more refreshing until finally you were in a river. The scenery here was lush and beautiful. That evening we took an amazing cooking class. The family that ran the school taught us how to make our food “sexy,” by spicing it up with different peppers. They taught us Thai food is perfecting the balance between sweet, spicy, salty and sour. We cooked coconut chicken soup, pad Thai, papaya salad, and made our own red curry paste. The instructors sent us with cookbooks of all the recipes we made as well as a few more."
"Today, we were able to sleep in a little bit and then headed off to ride elephants. It goes without saying that this was a special activity. We rode around through jungled woods near these beautiful limestone mountains. After riding elephants we hopped in a longboat to Railey Beach where we will stay the next two nights. The island is small and the only way to travel is by foot. The slow pace of “island life” is the perfect way to spend the last few nights. Today we relaxed by the pool and then spent the late afternoon at the beach, collecting shells, swimming and soaking in the sun. Tomorrow we will do a bit of rock climbing in the morning and then more beach time in the afternoon."
"This entire trip has been something new each day. The kids have all shown interest in being immersed in a new culture, and really taking advantage of getting the full experience out of each activity. To say your child has caught the travel bug would be an understatement!"
"The group spent their last few days relaxing on Railay Beach. Leaving off from the last update, our next morning we spent rock climbing. This was an incredible experience, most of the kids took advantage of. Climbing on the limestone cliffs was different from the climbing we have available here in Montana. Limestone is porous and full of great holds, but at the same time is smooth, and the slippery surface adds an extra challenge. While the experience of climbing was unbelievable, the views were even better. Our guides reminded us to look around often. After climbing the team spent the afternoon relaxing on the beach. This day we celebrated one of our students 18th birthday, by going out to a nice dinner on the beach. The next day, the students who were willing did a challenging hike to a viewpoint overlooking Railay Beach and then trekked down to a lagoon. This hike is well known for the ropes secured into the root system, as extra support climbing the steep mountain. I felt a mental challenge on this hike, but the kids seemed to go up and down with little anxiety. This was the last little adventure before the trip home. From here we took a boat back to Krabi, then flew to Bangkok. We stayed in Bangkok, and were able to do some last minute shopping before leaving for home. Unfortunately several of us got food poisoning, adding an extra obstacle to our long travel day. All the kids were troopers, and despite feeling fatigued were able to look after each other, and made the trip as smooth as possible."
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